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A garden fence can add value, security and privacy to your garden.

It can also increase the attractiveness of a property especially if climbing plants are trained up and or along it.


Certain types of fencing also look good when used as a feature in their own right or perhaps to provide a backdrop to a focal point.


Equally they can be used cleverly to divide up garden areas, create special spaces or even perhaps garden rooms.


There are of course many types of wooden garden fencing available on the market, such as picket, post and rail, close board, ranch style and of course trellis.


Most of these also come in different width and height sizes, so can be used for a variety of uses.

Fences such as panel ones will also act to restrict children and animals to certain areas and protect them from roads and other dangers.

What you chose is entirely down to the function you want it to fulfil and of course your own preference for a particular style.


For example trellis panels can be installed

as complete trellis fence panels or used as a combination with other types of fencing to create an individual style or look.

Fences can be constructed all year round, if the weather is suitable.

However if you have plants that are to be disturbed during the erection, we would suggest that the work is carried out in early spring or late autumn so that the disturbed plants have time to recover after the work.

With a wide range of products available there is usually a particular style that will suit the look, function and budget that you wish to achieve.