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Garden Structures

Garden Structures

You can add extra interest to your outdoor living space by adding garden structures like arbours, pergolas and arches.

Most of a garden's visual interest occurs at ground level, these being the lawn, flower and shrub borders, paths and maybe some paving and a tree or two.


However adding an arch, arbour or pergola provides perspective in relation to height. These upright structures can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Equally they can also be used as a vertical growing area if you wished to grown climbers up and over them.

Either way they become a focal point and thereby a feature which can complement the existing framework of your garden area. 

We know that creating a quiet seating area, makes the garden instantly more inviting.


What is not to love about wandering along a path to a favourite seat. Then sit for a while and just enjoy the sights and sound of your garden.

This could be as simple as a small bench placed under a tree. Or perhaps a seat or bench that is incorporated into an arbour or pergola. The choice is yours.

What you choose will really depending on your own garden style and preference. There is no right or wrong way, it really does just come down to a matter of what suits you best. 

Arches and archways too act as a focal point, drawing the eye to enquiry where it might lead.

In fact it might not lead anywhere and that's fine, as it still is serving a visual focus.


Arches can neatly divide sections of garden as well as link areas together. Available in a range of styles and shapes, there are plenty to choose from, so you are sure to find something suitable.

We can install arbours, arches and pergolas as well as gates and garden sheds.