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Landscaping can be an investment that owners can make to their property in which they can see an immediate value and possible good return on their money.


Good landscaping elements such as outdoor lighting, pathways, fences and outdoor furniture can create a polished and refined look to the outside space of your home or property and thereby increase its curb appeal and value. 

If you are starting from scratch, a total landscaping project can seem like a daunting task.

However remember that even small changes can make a huge difference to the appearance of the property. 

A few dramatic container plantings or a new fence or patio can add instant effect. Small touches like outdoor solar lights on your driveway or in the garden or a new arch or pergola can also add instant interest.

Whatever you want to do, it is important to have an overall plan in mind right at the beginning.

No you don't need every last detail of a plan but you do need to include main elements, like lawns, flower beds, structures such as patios, decking or even a pond.


Equally you don't need to build everything at once. It can be broken down into managable chunks depending on timeframe and budgets available. 

No point in creating a beautiful flower border if 12 or 18 months later you realise that was really where you wanted to have a patio.  


Gardens do change and adapt over time, especially with growing families or where maintenance needs to be minimised.


Equally if you move house and the garden is really not to your taste or style.

So yes there does have to be a degree of flexibility but try to avoid mistakes where possible.

We offer a full landscaping service from planning and design to project management and construction.

Paths & Paving

Paths & Paving comes in all shapes and forms. There are an enormous range of products and colours available and a price range to match most budgets.


What you choose really comes down to the purpose of the intended path. Is it a path to get from A to B or perhaps you want to create a seating area.


Maybe steps or a terraced area, or perhaps a hard standing area for a summerhouse, greenhouse, garden shed or other garden structure.

Patios & Decking

A patio or decking in the garden can reflect your lifestyle by creating a socialising and entertaining area that can become an extension to your home. 

Somewhere to have your BBQ’s and entertain, an area for the children to play on when the grass is too wet, or simply somewhere to sit and relax and enjoy your garden.


There are some many different products, shapes, colours and sizes. It is really up to you what you choose.

Fencing & Garden Structures 

A garden fence can add value, security and privacy to your garden.


You can add extra interest to your outdoor living space by adding garden structures like arbours, pergolas and arches.


Archways act as a focal point, drawing the eye to enquire where it might lead. In fact it might not lead anywhere and that's fine, as it still is serving a visual focus.

We can install arbours, arches and pergolas as well as gates and garden sheds.

Raised Beds

Raised beds are suitable for both vegetables and flowers alike and are a great way for growing small plots of flowers and tasty vegetables.


Being built with a bit of height, they have a number of benefits over planting directly into a traditional border.

They provide good drainage and prevent soil compaction as you don't have to walk on the soil to plant, weed and harvest.

They help keep pathway weeds away from the soil and serve as a barrier to pests of slugs and snails.

Grounds Maintenance

We provide a range of grounds maintenance services for both private and commercial customers, covering most sizes of sites. 


Our service is flexible and can include garden and grounds maintenance tasks on a regular basis or a specific one off project.

The service can be either on long or short-term contracts and we are happy to discuss any individual requirements that a client may have.