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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Lawn Care and Maintenance


Lawns can become a focal feature of your garden but just like flowers, shrubs and trees require care and attention.


A lawn benefits from routine mowing and maintenance, without this the turf declines in vigour and weeds and moss rapidly establish, so it makes sense to invest some time and effort in it. 

A good regular mowing routine will not only keep your lawn looking neat but will also promote a healthy growth.

Lawns need to be cut at least once a week or fortnight when growing (normally March to October) if the grass is growing quickly enough.


Altering the direction or pattern of the mowing occasionally will also help encourage healthy growth. 

We can provide a weekly, bi-monthly or one off grass cutting service depending on your requirements.


In addition to regular lawn mowing, edging & strimming, we also provide lawn care and maintenance services. 

These include scarifying, aeration and the reduction of moss, applying fertilisers, weed and moss killers as well as lifting litter and collecting leaves.

Lawn edges can be redefined and reshaped if required. 

Where appropriate, worn or bald patches in a lawn can be repaired.

However where there is a lot of damage or decay, a new lawn may be the only answer depending on the severity of the problem.