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Spring & Autumn Programmes


Lawn edges can be reshaped, vegetable beds should be dug, paths & patios can be cleaned and moss removed. 


Feeding lawns annually in spring will maintain grass vigour. It is also a good time to carry out aeration, where there are problems of compaction, as this allows air and moisture to the roots and can help drainage.


Apply lawn weedkillers, if needed, when weeds are growing vigorously, usually from about mid-April onwards, once the weather starts to warm up a bit. If moss is a problem, apply a moss killer a couple of weeks prior to raking, once the grass is growing strongly.

Check your pergolas, arbours and arches as well as fences and repair them if necessary.


Cut down and get rid of old dead plant material.

Why not recycle it by using it as compost which can then be used to feed your garden at a later time.

We can build wooden compost bins to suit most sizes and locations. 

if the sun shines, treat wood with wood preservative or protective oils as appropriate.

Include fences, sheds, huts, garden benches and don't forget outside tables and chairs.


All will benefit both in appearance and condition. 



Is a good time to consider treatment to your lawn that will improve its appearance for next spring.


This includes scarification to remove the thatch, and aeration as well as giving it a feed.  

Autumn feeds can also be applied following manufacturer's guidelines. Using the right product at the right time of year can significantly enhance the health and presentation of your lawn.

If lawns have become damaged or if patches appear, then these can be re seeded or re-turfed.

Fallen leaves can block light and air from the grass, so they should be raked up and collected and could be used as compost. Leaf mould is formed from decaying leaves and produces an invaluable soil conditioner that can also be used as a mulch.

Bulbs should be planted now for a big splash of colour next spring.

Hedges and trees can be trimmed, whilst most shrubs can be pruned and garden borders tided to close the garden down ready for its winter sleep.

All jobs that we can do for you!