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Turf or Seed Lawns

Turf or Seed


New lawns can be sown with seed or laid to turf depending on your requirements.

Preference for which to choose will really be dependant on the budget available and how quickly you want a lawn.

Turf costs more but the lawn is ready to use usually within a couple of weeks after the turf has been laid and bedded in.


Seed lawns cost less but take longer to establish. You must keep off the area for several weeks. Equally you must ensure it gets enough water for the seed to germinate and grow, especially during hotter weather.

Regardless of what type of lawn you opt for, the key to success, is the correct preparation of the ground in advance.


Both types of lawn require the same amount of preparation, that is to remove as much stone, rubbish and weed as possible.

Depending on the quality of the soil underneath, additional soil may need to be added at this stage.

The area will also need to be raked and levelled and the surface made ready for either turf or seed. If any areas are on a slope, then these should be graded as best as possible working with the land. 


Once the work is complete, stay off the area until the turf has bedded in or the seed has established and started to thicken. Remember to water if weather is on the dry side.


In spring/summer months new turf will usually start to grow fairly quickly and can be cut usually about 2 - 3 weeks after bedding in.

For seed lawns this will be longer. Wait until the grass shoots are about 3 - 4 inches, then cut but do first few cuts lightly so as not to damage new growth or remove any grass seedlings.